Thursday, May 10, 2007

MacMorseTutor version 0.00001

As part of my elaborate procrastination about learning morse code I've started writing my own tutor program for MacOS X. So far it sounds out the text you type in a field, displaying the character it just played after the audio.

It is available for your evaluation pleasure here.

This is just the start, planned features are:
  • Drill characters by playing and then displaying them.
  • Test by playing and then having me type the letter.
  • Give positive and negative feedback after typing the letter.
  • Controls for speed and spacing.
I know almost nothing of Cocoa programming but I find it a very easy environment to work in. Can't wait for WWDC.


Anonymous said...

Although a little offtopic: Thanks for submitting your link to the Ham Blogs Directory.

The link is now online.

Christian, DL6KAC

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Christian,

I can recommend his directory at to anyone.