Sunday, October 02, 2022

SDR++ server mode (also using spyserver)

One of the most impressive recent bits of SDR software is the open source SDR++ (often spelt sdrpp).

It's very responsive when used locally, I think it rivals SDR#, and has a very interesting feature called server mode.

Put simply, you get it working with your SDR hardware then run the app on the command line as:

sdrpp -server

Then you run another instance of the app on your network and connect to the sdrpp server. Here's a snippet of it running here:

Over the network is is very responsive (both server and client machines here are connected over Wifi).

Note that the last official release doesn't have this feature in it, you need to get a nightly build.

I've also been using SDR++ as a remote client to an AirSpy HF+ shared with spyserver. This works very well.

I think this is the best macOS SDR client I've used so far. Here's a recording of me tuning around 20m at 17:00 local time. 

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