Saturday, September 17, 2022

After 90 years who needs the ABC?

My view is that in this age of people getting their news from sites that optimise for engagement over facts, a source like the ABC is more vital than ever as part of a healthy democracy.

It was my pleasure to say a few words about the role of ABC Alumni at an event at Ballarat organised by ABC Friends Victoria.

We cut a beautiful cake, sang happy (90th) birthday and then heard from Matthew Ricketson the co-author if the excellent new book "Who needs the ABC?".

The ABC is under constant attack from the hard right, who think that the free market is the answer to everything and from some commercial media who think that the ABC prevents them from making larger profits.

Ricketson and Mullins' new book is a well researched defence of the ABC that knocks many of the oft-repeated arguments on the head with simple data and logic.

ABC Friends Victoria is a fantastic branch of ABC Friends. It is my pleasure to help them in any way I can.

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