Monday, April 29, 2019

Receiving Peter, VK3YE's 100 microwatt WSPR beacon

Prolific ham radio writer, Peter, VK3YE has put up a video about his attenuated WSPR beacon being picked up by a number of stations and happily I'm one of them. I'm VK2TPM by the way and am over 700km from Peter.

Another frequent receiver is Phil, VK7JJ, who gets amazing WSPR reception reports. The trick, of course, is low noise reception. I'm doing pretty well for a suburban block. Phil is on a property in Tasmania and has taken considerable steps to reduce noise.

Ross, VK1UN, makes a good point that with this much attenuation it might be that signal leakage is actually being transmitted rather than what goes through the attenuator.

I think that decodes from directly synthesised WSPR transmitters, as compared with audio modulated SSB transmitters, are easier.

Thanks for the contact Peter!

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