Sunday, February 04, 2018

QRP by the harbour - a lovely day

Today's QRP by the harbour event in McIlwaine Park at Rhodes was a lovely day and a fine collection of visitors.

I strung out an end fed from the top of the shelter to a 6m squid pole held up by a new 1m garden stake. At the transmitter end there's a home brew 9:1 Unun and it tuned up on 40m perfectly.

We had a CW station and 2m operations with a magnetic mount on the roof of the shelter.

Conditions on 40m were not good and my best contact was with Henry during the VK2WI callback.

No hail this year and the predicted rain held off. After a few pleasant hours of contacts, local chat and some sandwiches we packed up and headed to the Kokoda cafe about 150m away.

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