Saturday, November 10, 2012

Digital QST now available via iPad app

I switched from a paper subscription to the ARRL's QST magazine some months back and have been distressed about the poor experience of having to read it through a terrible web based copy protection scheme.

Just noticed that there is now a QST app for iOS that makes it considerably more pleasant to read.

It's better but still pretty clunky. This feels like the output from some sort of cross platform publishing system. User interface buttons look alien. It surely should be in the Apple Newsstand and should use Apple's subscription system.

QST is laid out for print and it needs to embrace digital publishing by letting us read articles as tall scrollable streams rather than two or three columns of text.

It seems that it's published as images of the page, which makes it big and slow. While there are links, such as from the contents page, there is no text search. (In the end I'll want to search my whole collection for a phrase).

This is a good step in the right direction but it still needs work.

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panda said...

Hello Peter,
I still prefer the paper version
it is always more user friendley