Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lion wakes tonight

Maccentric ChatswoodTomorrow a new MacOS X version, called Lion, will be released by Apple.

For the past two releases, mate Coops and I have formed a queue outside our favourite Mac store, Maccentric in Chatswood to be the first to purchase a copy.

Manager Hendrick comes out and laughs at us but it's been fun.

This year, alas, Lion will be released for electronic download only and worse - Maccentric in Chatswood has closed their doors. (They're still open at Warringah Mall and doing a "roaring" trade).

It must have been rough for them when Apple opened up a store just a block away in Chatswood Chase.

We'll look back and laugh at the idea of software coming in boxes, but it did make me feel like the fruit of my work was somehow a physical thing.

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