Sunday, September 26, 2010

Amateur Radio Home Brew at Dural

A lovely day for a trip to Dural. The photographer in me appreciates the nice side light.

Here's Tim, VK2ZTM:

Tim VK2ZTM 009.jpg

And Peter, VK2EMU:

Peter VK2EMU 010.jpg

Peter showed a neat idea for testing toroid cores without needing a non-50 ohm dummy load, he made a step down and step up pair:

Testing Toroids 011.jpg

Graham, VK2GRA, showed his excellent work with a 9m squid pole used as an HF vertical with tape measures as non-resonant counterpoises:

Graham VK2GRA 012.jpg

But the star of the day was Bob Mutton VK2ZRM showed his fantastic work on a high power solid state linear amplifier:

Bob Mutton VK2ZRM 013.jpg

One of the many interesting things is the ARF463 A and B which are a matched pair but with different pin outs designed for push pull operation while earthing the source on each.

ARF463A and B 014.jpg

I had to rush off to a family function but happily the dog hadn't got the apple pie by the time I arrived.


Myles said...

Myles VK6ZRY I recognise the 50 Watt dummy load, I have quite a few ex Mobile racks (GSM).

Faul Huda said...