Sunday, November 15, 2009

Apple Magic Mouse review

magicmouse.jpgFinally the Apple Magic Mouse arrived in stores here in Sydney. I think this is the biggest step forward since laser tracking.

The left and right click detection is reliable, unlike on the Mighty mouse, the scrolling by dragging a finger is smooth and presumably keeps working after three weeks, unlike the ball on the Mighty mouse.

Yes, the mighty mouse was mighty for the first few weeks and then the little ball gets gummed up. The mighty mouse's right click detection left a little bit to be desired too, anyway, perhaps it was the "mouse we had to have" to get to magic.

I'm finding the acceleration a little different to the Microsoft mouse I was using but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon. The scroll with momentum feature is nice. Like all wireless mice with a battery it's a little heavy.

Bluetooth pairing was very smooth the only unknown at this point is the battery life and how the two slidy tracks wear over time.

Initial impression is very positive, although I'm always sceptical of technology that works by "Magic".

How the mighty have fallen. I hope we can keep the magic.


It's Jan 1, 2010 and I just got the first low battery warning. The initial batteries have lasted 1.5 months with daily use. Not bad I guess.


Unknown said...

Hey Pete,
How is the mouse treating you?


Peter Marks said...

It's a winner Jim, I like it very much. Being quite thin it goes into the laptop case side pocket very well too.