Thursday, March 05, 2009

On the road in Singapore and Malaysia

Not much time for blogging at the moment. I'm working in Singapore and Malaysia. It's great to be back, in particular Malaysia is an old favourite.


Normally I go into the ABC's Ultimo studio to talk with Fran Kelly on Radio National breakfast but rather than either missing a spot or doing it over the phone I conspired with Roi Huberman to do the item over the phone while I recorded my audio locally and sent him the file.

Roi then skilfully glued the two tracks together.

Aside from some mic popping at my end I think it worked out rather well. Sounds like I'm there.

The amazing bit is that I'm using a Verbatim brand headset mic that cost just $12. They seem to have a particularly good microphone but do fall apart pretty quickly.

Back in Singapore, I'm running a workshop on the Google Maps API and staying in an apartment on the 44th floor, pretty spectacular when there's interesting weather.


At night the sound of bad karaoke singing can be heard through the walls. Last night it was "I will survive" for hours.

All going well as long as I don't explode from all the food.


My news addiction is being satisfied by tuning in to the BBC world service on 9.740MHz. Seems strange hearing a super strong station on short wave. Presumably there's a local transmitter.

The boss picked up a couple of HTC Google Android phones today, they do look very nice but the keyboard keys are rather small. I'll have a better play and report back soon.


powerpc said...

BBC World Service is available on FM 88.9 MHz in Singapore.

Peter Marks said...

Thanks for that, haven't had much of a look around FM yet.

I'm enjoying Radio Australia on 12.010MHz in the morning too.

Anonymous said...

Your talk with Fran sounded great, and good on you for talking about the green-plug concept.

wayfarer said...

Glad to see you're doing great over there, don't eat too much:-)