Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If the Internet is oxygen, I'm suffering anoxia

I'm currently working in Malaysia, home of the Internet Super Corridor.

When I moved into an apartment with broadband supplied via an ethernet socket in the wall. It didn't take long to realise that the service was bad.

Picture 1.png

It's not just at the apartment, at a local cafe I tried to sign up for a Wifi service AIRZED. After messing about for around two hours I gave up and emailed them from elsewhere:

"I could not log in to your service after registering and paying.

Please cancel my account and refund the payment."

They wrote back:

"Please accept our apology.
It was due to some techical errors on the billing system which did not capture the payment made.
I have manually updated your payment into the system. Could you please try whether it is working now.

Ivy Chan
Accounts Dept
Airzed Broadband Sdn Bhd"

Can you read Ivy?

Apparently not. My money's gone and I'm not at that particular cafe any more.

The PJ Hilton's room internet was pretty bad (but not as bad as at this apartment).

Oddly, the best internet service I've experienced was wireless when I tried a Wimax modem.

I complain about the Internet in Australia but after spending time in marvellous Malaysia, maybe things aren't so bad.

It is time for quality of service guarantees for internet connections.

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