Friday, March 20, 2009

Django is Awesome

Unlike the computer systems at this airport in Malaysia, Django is Awesome.


I've been using the neat trick of simultaneously gathering requirements and turning them into Django "Models" (which are object wrappers for database tables). This allows me to immediately show a lovely Admin user interface and try entering data.

Entering data into a new schema is an excellent way of finding out what you've forgotten and where the foreign keys should be.

For the first time, I'm using Django's Model Inheritance which makes it much easier to model the real world.

The only danger is that the customer sometimes thinks the software is virtually complete.

Three weeks working in Singapore and Malaysia is coming to an end tomorrow. Some things I saw:

  • Food is cheap, I've been having a hearty lunch for about AU$3

  • One low cost airline charges you AU$40 if you have any luggage at all

  • One of my workmates was robbed of his cellphone and laptop as he slept in his car near a toll plaza with a window down a bit

  • While the economy may be down, the building of hi-rise apartments seems to be booming

  • Most of the internet connections here, even in businesses, have high packet loss

  • Traceroutes from Malaysia to Australia sometimes go via Japan. IP geocodeing sometimes puts me in the middle of Paris

  • There is massive over air conditioning here. Often you go from steamy outside to freezing taxis to steam to freezing offices. I went out and bought a coat. I wonder what the electricity consumption per head is?

  • All good fun, looking forward to getting home.


wayfarer said...

I love the way the Airport Computer System is Down is engraved in metal. Kind of conveys a certain fatalism, doesn't it?

Peter Marks said...

Yes, I'm not sure how to interpret the carefully prepared sign. Either the system's been down for a very long time or it goes down very regularly.

I met some travellers from Slovinia who couldn't book online becuase their country wasn't listed so they had to come to the gate to buy a ticket.