Saturday, August 09, 2008

Apple store opens at Chatswood

GeniusBar.jpgDropped in to the new Apple store at Chatswood Chase this afternoon and ran in to well known blogger Ben and his wife (trying to get his hair cut).

On the way there I walked passed the excellent Maccentric store that has taken care of us so well in Chatswood for many years. Maccentric has a 10% off store wide sale but I must report that it was looking pretty empty.

The new Apple store, even at 3pm in the afternoon was extremely busy. Several of the staff have been imported from the US, presumably to kick things off on the right foot.

It must be tough for an existing store when your supplier opens up within a block of you. I hope they got plenty of notice and perhaps some help in moving if they so choose.

The guy that served me had a badge saying "Ask me about MobileMe" so I did.. he apologised and said that while there were still some bugs, the major outages hopefully are over. I asked about my problems with the backup phase of my iPhone sync and he wasn't able to help.

The store looks great, I'm sure they'll do well, and it seemed like a good size for the number of products.

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