Friday, February 23, 2007

If it doesn't work in Safari, get a newer build!

I like Safari on the Mac but there's some things it doesn't have so I use FireFox to plug those holes. A good example is that right now Safari doesn't have the rich text editor that Blogger uses to edit posts in wysiwyg format.

The underlying rendering code in Safari is based on KHTML which is open source. It turns out that new builds are available here and what you get is a version of Safari that has new features. The app is called WebKit and it can co-exist on your Tiger system along side current Safari. It picks up all of your settings and bookmarks so it's an easy transition.

They seem to build very frequently, often several times a day. I'm posting this with the Friday 23rd Feb build and it seems solid so far.

You get a nice gold rimmed icon too.

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