Thursday, January 26, 2023

WSPR Watch - now with grey line display

An often requested feature in WSPR Watch is to display the grey line which is the transition from sun to night. I've had a few goes at this, first by simply drawing a circle on the map centred on the sun's position but now I've ported some code open sourced by John Boiles to swift and included in the app. (I have credited him in the app).

This feature is off by default so you'll need to go to settings to enable it.

App Store review times are better than ever

It used to take more than a week for the Apple App Store to review an app submission. This morning is the fastest I have experienced I think.

  • 08:34 Submitted app and waiting for review
  • 08:40 In review
  • 09:10 Submission accepted
  • 09:11 Approved for the App Store.
That's pretty good. I wish new version numbers didn't have to be reviewed before releasing to external TestFlight testers. One would think that a developer could be trusted after years of app submissions without incident.

Thanks as always to my testers and users who send suggestions and bug reports.

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