Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New antenna for 144/432Mhz now up on the garage

I'm very happy to report that my antenna drought is over. Today, Khan, The Antenna King mounted my 2m/70cm vertical on a pole on the roof of the garage.

Previously I had tried to get someone to put it on the roof of the house but it's a two level roof with very steep sides and, apart from being dangerous for the installer, it would have been impossible for me to get up there to do any maintenance.

Mounting the antenna on the flat roof of the garage means it's easy to work on. The drawback is a longer coax run. Tests so far show excellent signals from repeaters around Melbourne.

Currently I'm running WSPR and only hearing VK3DXE. I'm transmitting 10W and so far no one has spotted me.

The focus for now is 2m but I've also run two pieces of RG58U out to the back yard with the intention of adding a 20m dipole and whatever else I can come up with in very limited space.

I should add that I did not do the roof climbing but merely supervised. Here's a picture Phillipa took showing the limit of my management.

The 2m antenna is working well and tonight I had simplex contacts with Ralph, VK3ZZC and Chris, VK3AML.


Richard said...

Hi Peter,
Glad you made the trip to VK3. Have you done a plot using Radio Mobile (online) to see how you get out? It would be interesting.
I don't think I can "see" you from my QTH in the hills as there is dirt in the way.
Cheers - Richard - VK3TXD

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Richard,

No I haven't figured out how I get out. I've been up on WSPR today without much luck. It does seem like a good location so I have great hopes for future contacts.