Saturday, April 08, 2017

First transceiver with built-in FreeDV

Fantastic to see Chinese ham radio gear for HF increasingly appearing. This one "RS-918SSB HF SDR Transceiver" caught my eye because the operating modes listed are: "SSB(J3E),CW,AM(RX Only), FM, FREE-DV"

That's the first time I've seen a radio with built-in FreeDV.

From the site:

Main Functions

Spectrum Dynamic Waterfall Display

Multiple Working Modes: Receive Mode, Transmit Mode, TUNE Mode, VFO Mode, SPLIT Mode

DSP Digital Signal Processing Noise Reduction

Automatic Notch Filter

Humanized Interface Color Display

Receive Fine Tuning Function, Changeable MIC Gain Value

VCC Power Supply Voltage Indication Table

Transmit Signal Strength Display Table

Multifunctional Instrument: SWR Standing Wave Ratio Meter, AVD Audio Frequency Meter, ALC Signal Modulation Meter


Frequency Range - RX:1.8-30MHz TX:All HAM HF BANDS

Operating Mode - SSB(J3E),CW,AM(RX Only), FM, FREE-DV

TX Power - 5W (Standard, DC 13.8V) , 15W (Full,DC 13.8V)

Receiving Sensitivity - 0.11~0.89μV(RFC 50-20)  

Minimum Frequency Step - 1Hz

Operating Voltage - DC9~15V

Antenna Impedance - 50Ω

Frequency Stability -  ±1.5PPM @ Power on 5 Minutes (Standard) ; ±0.5PPM if Optional TCXO Used

Product Dimension (W × H × D) - 215×74×62mm(Mounting Bracket Included)

Weight - 623g

No idea of price yet and it looks pretty clunky but great to see FreeDV built right in.  (If there are others please let me know).


Unknown said...

Greetings, really very interesting article, I have done some tests with freedv, it is interesting to see how it encodes and decodes the signal, I guess with this radio it should be more precise, very interesting article .... thanks ,,, YY7LAS

Chris said...

That Chinese receiver is a stolen clone of the work done by Chris M0NKA.

Don't buy them, support M0NKA directly

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Chris!

Rampart01 said...

AFAIK mchf is open source, so it would not be a ripoff

Peter Marks said...

I like the way Chinese manufacturers are picking up open source designs and making cheap kits. There are CW QRP transceivers and QRP antenna tuners available at below the price we would pay for the components.

Unknown said...

Lol that's news to me but good to see! The Flex radios also have a FreeDV option via their API, but I guess that's slightly different. About 6 months ago I had a nice time working with Danilo from mcHF - he did some great work on optimising FreeDV for this platform, and cleaning the code up.



Unknown said...

AM Receive only? Oh well, next.

Unknown said...

Thanks Chris!

KV4PC said...

Coming soon to an Amazon near you:

Also available here for a considerably lower price: