Sunday, April 01, 2012

Improving the wspr map

I've been improving my version of the wspr map.

The reddit amateur radio subreddit has been supportive and I'd really like to see this contributed to the main site.

Latest improvements are thicker spot polylines for stronger reports and if you roll over a trace it pops up details of that spot. Any feedback most welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
I was looking at your map again and you may want to check this out.
I looked at the map at 15 Apr 09:10 UTC with only 4m selected.
The map shows spots between:

DK6UG - IZ4PSG/B 144 MHz 08:16
G0MJI - GW4WND 70 MHz 08:56

In the past hour there were many stations reported.

Looking again at09:25 I see
G0MJI - GW4WND at 08:56
G3SHK - PA0TBR at 09:16

At what intervals do you refresh the map and what period do you use for the refresh?

Ton pa0tbr

Peter Marks said...

I update every 10 minutes so I miss quite a few spots.

I need a better way to get the data but I don't want to hammer the site.

Paul Anslow said...

Hi Peter, Your much improved map is much nicer to use than the WSPRnet one. I'm working towards playing WSPR soon. Thanks and regards, Paul VK2APA

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Paul. I've really tried to contact the people who look after wsprnet to offer it to them but for some reason I've failed.

My data is only a small subset of the actual data and I don't want to abuse the site by scraping it constantly.


ZR6AIC said...

Hi Peter

I am interested in setting up a similar map on my web for my websdr rx only and was wondering if you would share you code.


Peter Marks said...

Sure Anton,

I've added you on Google+ but can't quite figure out how to email you.