Saturday, April 07, 2012

Element14 taking Rasberry Pi orders

Now that Rasberry Pi has passed electrical compliance certification I went to take a look and see if I could order one. Previously I've only been able to register interest.

Turns out Element14 will take orders with of up to 1 per person. The supplier lead time is listed at 143 days.

The other bad news is that to get one of these in Australia adds a $12.95 shipping charge to the $38 price of the board taking it to $56.05 once GST is added. Not so cheap, but not so bad for a unix capable single board computer.

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Indy said...

I hope you received the promo code for ordering the Raspberry Pi. I received mine today, total cost with shipping is A$45 (with the current exchange rate). Shipping is estimated to start in about 4 weeks, so, the wait begins!