Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Replaced iPhone 4 battery for $8.95

My iPhone 4 is starting to lose battery capacity. Apple says that after 400 cycles the battery loses 20%. I charge each night and recently I've been getting warnings in the early evening. There are kits on eBay that give you a battery and the tools you need. I purchased one for $8.95 with free postage. It came next day.

It's curious that the QR code is defaced. I wonder why. The screen suction cup wasn't needed and I soon had the battery replaced.

It was nice to remove a bit of pocket fluff that had crept in too.

Instructions on how to replace your battery are widely available on YouTube. I watched this one.

It remains to be seen what effect this has (the battery came virtually discharged). It was an easy and cheap process.


I'm very happy with the new battery. At the end of of a day of normal use I was getting the 20% warning, today (after a full charge over night) I'm still at 89%. It's like having a new phone again for $9.

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