Sunday, January 23, 2011

Possibly the best shack in all of ham radio

I've just had the pleasure of a visit to Melbourne and another visit to the fine shack of Ralph, VK3ZZC.

Shack external.jpg

Like a Tardis, it's small on the outside but huge on the inside.

VK3ZZC Shack 1.jpg

Stocked with modern equipment, such as this HP frequency counter with a nixie tube display.


Ralph has figured out how to weld aluminium and hopefully will describe the method on his web site soon.

VK3ZZC Shack 2.jpg

The only thing that needs further development is the antenna farm, but progress is well under way. I particularly like the shielded loop antenna with an "armstrong" rotator.

loop antenna.jpg

Here's how you rotate the loop from below:


Ralph makes his own U bolts with a home made bender. Nice work.

Wonderful to catch up with everyone, and thanks Ralph for the gift pack! I said "possibly" the best shack, the only issue is extreme temperatures on some days (55C has been the observed peak).

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