Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Newspapers on the iPad tablet

I'm a news addict but the house is overrun with paper and it's time to go electronic. News Limited did a fine job, right at the iPad launch with The Australian for iPad, but it's not without a few glitches...


The Sydney Morning Herald launched this week with an astonishingly bad tablet version of the paper - basically a PDF of the whole thing, weighing in at 30MB to download or more, hard to navigate, slow and just plain wrong for the platform.


You've got to be kidding folks..

The New Zealand Herald has shown the way to some extent with a much more fluid experience.

nz herald.jpg

The winner this week is Flipboard who have ripped content from all over the place but really given us a way to browse that's interesting and deep by including content from social media that enriches the basic story.


There's lots to learn and I suspect that the way we read news on tablets will be nothing like it looks now in a year or two.

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