Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wyong field day 2010 - much bigger this year

Just returned from the Wyong field day and I'm pleased to report that it felt about twice as big as the past two years. Probably this is due to the weather being not wet and not too hot.

The "car boot sale" area was huge:


The undercover area packed:


Lot's of money and boxes changing hands in the flea market.


I bought a dual tone SSB test oscillator, something I need, for $8.

The home brew table was full of excellent projects


including this marvellous receiver from Steven 2BLQ:


Stephen told me that the modules all work - but not together.

My little SSB transmitter in a children's tin lunch box looked pretty funny up against these professional jobs, it was great to participate as always.

Lots of fancy black boxes on display too:


A highlight for me was attending a talk by Jeff Johnson who took it upon himself to walk across Australia from south to north wearing a solar panel, carrying an FT-817, and living mostly on "two minute" noodles.


It was great to look through all the gear, meet up with friends and munch on some cheese cubes once again.

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