Thursday, December 11, 2008

Internet on the road in Australia

telstra.gifI'm now back after a leisurely drive to Melbourne via the coast and back to Sydney via the inland route.

Along the way I was able to use my iPhone on Telstra everywhere I had a break. The plan includes free access to their hotspots which can be found at the McDonalds spread around all over the place.

When stopping for a night, I chose hotels advertising internet access and had a good experience. At Gundagai I stayed at the amusing Gabriel Motor Inn.

During the trip I chose motels with internet, one was $10 for 24 hours, the Gabriel was free for 2 hours (but it only counts time while you use it so that was fine for the night).

I think any motel that doesn't offer wireless internet these days is definitely losing business.

Anyhow, great to be back.


Anonymous said...

At first I seriously misread that as lodging at the Gabriel was free for 2 hours!

I Agree, internet access is just as basic an amenity as a TV set now days. WiFi access should just be free, you are already paying for the room. I remember all the fleabag places that used to advertise "COLOUR" TV as a big thing with neon signs (and I'm not old enough to remember BW broadcasting!), guess the hotel industry is slow to migrate from an expensive extra to basic feature.

Did you get your boat anchor?

Peter Marks said...

Yep, got the Panda Cub, will write it up shortly when I fire it up.