Wednesday, October 08, 2008

An excellent shed

While in Melbourne I caught up with the convener of my favourite shed. Ralph, (ex) VK3ZZC, pictured here in front of said shed.


In all the years I've known Ralph, he's always had numerous impressive projects on the bench. Increasingly his shed has been filled with highly desirable test equipment from times' past.


Ralph has a keen eye for the value in things thrown in the dumpster and has built a fine collection.

shed bench.jpg

I remember having a contact with him via a 2m repeater, I was using a commercial rig, he was using a home built, valve rig. It was very very impressive.

One of his children has Autism Spectrum Disorder, which Ralph has written up in a very straight forward and moving way here. I think this is an example of what blogging is really for.

Thanks for sharing.

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