Monday, July 28, 2008

Starstuff is back! (as a podcast)

Saw some great news in the paper this morning, Stuart Gary's StarStuff which was taken off ABC NewsRadio has returned as a podcast here.

Indeed it's true. In the first episode of the new series, Gary explains that he's able to use the ABC science podcast platform and promises to maintain the high standard. There is some mention of content changes due to licensing restrictions - something that hindered StarStuff's original attempts at a podcast.

Stuart thanks everyone for their support and says "it's been most humbling".

Like many others, I was outspoken about the loss of this fine program. It's great to have it back.

Great (star) stuff.

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Jimbo said...

Article by Sue Javes in today's SMH...


The ABC has been bombarded with complaints following a decision by NewsRadio to scrap the long-running astronomy show StarStuff. Blogs have sprung up urging disappointed listeners to contact their member of Parliament in a bid to have the "uneducated and ill-informed" decision overturned. ABC radio talks boss Margaret Cassidy says it's a matter of prioritising resources. She says StarStuff presenter Stuart Gary is needed to work on the main news desk five days a week and the specialist program does not fit with the station's rolling news format. the bloggers argue that NewsRadio has no trouble running block programming when it comes to sport yet can't devote half an hour a week to scientific endeavour. A comprimise of sorts has been reached. The show will be offered as a podcast by ABC Science Online at