Friday, February 08, 2008

Wonderful documentaries by Louis Theroux

Since I discovered this series, about a week ago, I've become addicted to the BBC series by Louis Theroux- "Weird Weekends". They are charming and best of all seem to be available here on google video.

As an Australian viewer, (and note that the series hasn't turned up here as far as I know), his style reminds me of Andrew Denton. Covering topics such as UFO hunters, swingers, white supremacists and gambling, mostly in America, Louis is able to charm his subjects and get them to reveal their surprising world views.

Louis is not a "pure" journalist though, he does show his reactions and sometimes takes people to task. Clearly he invests considerable time becoming friends with the characters and he isn't afraid to become involved. In a piece on cosmetic surgery he even goes under the knife himself.

You wouldn't see Ray Martin doing that eh?

If anyone's listening in Australian television programming, can we please have this series and also the wonderful "Flight of the Conchords".

Both highly recommended.

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