Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 18

WiFi Balloons!
This week we talk about:
  • Microsoft opening up?
  • Google news for video?
  • GSM encryption broken
    • Researchers at a Black Hat conference in Washington claim to be able to listen in to GSM phone conversations with $1000 worth of equipment
  • Balloon WiFi
  • Document collaboration with SubEthaEditDocument collaboration with SubEthaEdit
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geo said...

Wide area bonjour should be interesting, though doesn't it rely on multicast being reliably passed through all the ISPs and carrier networks?

Peter B Marks said...

No, my understanding is that for wide areas you tell your local machine, via a Bonjour control panel you can download where there is a DNS server to use to look up services.

Multicast is only used on the local sub-net.