Monday, February 25, 2008

A Chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 18

WiFi Balloons!
This week we talk about:
  • Microsoft opening up?
  • Google news for video?
  • GSM encryption broken
    • Researchers at a Black Hat conference in Washington claim to be able to listen in to GSM phone conversations with $1000 worth of equipment
  • Balloon WiFi
  • Document collaboration with SubEthaEditDocument collaboration with SubEthaEdit
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Unknown said...

Wide area bonjour should be interesting, though doesn't it rely on multicast being reliably passed through all the ISPs and carrier networks?

Peter Marks said...

No, my understanding is that for wide areas you tell your local machine, via a Bonjour control panel you can download where there is a DNS server to use to look up services.

Multicast is only used on the local sub-net.