Monday, December 24, 2007

A Chat with Ben and Pete, episode 9

The Google Talk Babel Fish and more.

This week we chat about Google Talk's automatic translation service, developer frustration with the Android SDK, Firefox 3 and the large number of bug fixes, the Mac security update breaking Ben’s proxy functionality, Apple legal getting testy with Fake Steve Jobs and Think Secret, SSH configuration coolness, and comparing Windows and Mac vulnerabilities.

If you’re still listening, there’s a treat at the end of the show. We chat about the production and publishing of this podcast.


Thanks Ben for production.

I'll be appearing on ABC Radio National Breakfast with Steve Cannane on Thursday this week to talk about electronic book readers.

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Alastair said...

(Just catching up on your Chats...)

Thanks for the mention, glad you like Miro.

SSH is indeed a wonderful tool, with many powerful features worth exploring (and the O'Reilly book is highly recommended by the way).

I generally don't like running SSH on a non-standard port, mainly because many firewalls are configured to only allow outgoing connections on the standard port. A better solution for securing internet-facing SSH servers is to use connection throttling. Here are some instructions for doing this on OpenWRT Linux. I've been doing this for a while, seems to work well enough for my residential internet connection.

Regarding iChat - I can confirm that I have successfully conducted video calls where both parties are behind NATs. You just have to have the right ports open and forwarded on the firewall. Here are the ports I have open and forwarded for iChat:

UDP: 5060,5190,5678,16383-16404
TCP: 5190,5220,5222,5223,5298