Sunday, November 12, 2006

Media ratings survey asks wrong questions

My fourteen year old daughter recently completed a two week media survey diary for Roy Morgan Research.

They paid her to the value of about $35, it wasn't worth it. The survey was a combination of a detailed questionnaire about her interests and behavior and a diary of what she watched or listened to on TV or radio.

She's tech savvy and doesn't like watching ads so TV is mostly watched in delay by recording it on our digital video recorder so the ads can be fast forwarded through. The strange thing is that the diary asked only the time and channel, but not the program. As my daughter pointed out they weren't asking the right questions.

Luckily for them she was kind enough to look up the time and date of the recording and try to fill in the diary to reveal the program, which is presumably what they wanted to know. But what about when she watched a program while recording another, there was no way to reveal this.

Incidentally, it appears she listens to no radio at all. All music is on iPod from various sources. That's a depressing thing for a radio lover like me.

Reading their site, Roy Morgan Research, seem to be on the ball, but after seeing how they survey I would have to be highly skeptical about the accuracy of their media survey results.

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