Friday, February 10, 2023

VR Presentation at the Kyneton Men's shed

Kyneton local Tim Sullivan from Sullivan Studios kindly put on a presentation about VR (Virtual Reality) at the men's shed this morning.

We took turns experiencing a visit to Venice, fishing, shooting and flying in a Meta Quest 2 headset (which I see sells for A$629).

While this was totally new to most of the people present, (there was a suggestion that some had come to learn about Vic Rail), I had played with an Oculus Rift headset some years ago.

The response to head movements was pretty good and the graphics was much improved over the past but I feel there's a way to go and certainly the price of headsets needs to come down for mass market appeal.

Tim predicted that mobile phones will be "gone" in three years, which rather surprised the audience.

Some stories of people with restricted mobility being able to virtually travel and see the world - or in one case visit their home country of Italy during Covid - illustrate the power of this technology.

I look forward to even more resolution in the future and I showed Tim how Apple's "Look Around" feature in their maps looks to be ready for VR headsets already.

The headsets will need to get much less bulky to be worn for extended periods but that day will come.

It was great to have such an interesting presentation at the excellent Kyneton Men's shed.

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Tim sullivan said...

Great article, thanks for the opportunity