Friday, January 08, 2021

Elecraft MH3 Microphone cord frays

I like the Elecraft KX3 very much but unfortunately the MH3 microphone cord has spontaneously frayed for me. Looking around the internet I can see that I'm not alone.

The repair isn't impossible but it is rather fiddly. I wasn't able to re-use the strain relief and have replaced it with shrink wrap. Here's the colours of the wires for future reference.

I hope Elecraft can choose a different cord in the future so this doesn't happen.

Stephen, VK2BLQ, sent me this picture of a Chinese manufactured mic that came with a CRKits radio. It looks the same and has the same fraying. Perhaps Elecraft gets their mics from the same source?

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John M. said...

I wonder is there is another microphone with a similar pinout, with a better strain relief.
I am not familiar with the elecraft products, but I would be surprised if there is no manufacturer that has a more rugged one.