Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Sydney house sold

The process of selling our home in Sydney is over. We accepted a reasonable offer a few days before the auction. While there's a chance of a bidding war pushing the price up at the auction, there's also the risk of only low or no bids so it seemed wise to take the offer.

We selected a well known real estate agent and basically took all of their advice except that we didn't bother with advertising in the newspaper. I figure that the buyers would be a young family who would most likely only look online.

After downsizing and storing lots of possessions in Victoria (where we are moving), the house was "styled" which means lots of cushions, throws, big lamps and vases. (See photo above). Looking at other houses on the market it seems they all look the same which I guess helps when comparing.

Having the house open for inspection is an intrusive affair. Visitors seem to open everything, including draws in furniture which is not part of the property. We got very good at cleaning the place but I'm happy that's over.

Now that the "styling" has been taken away, I've thrown a wire out and am listening on 20m for WSPR signals again.

It's a long settlement so we're here until May. Next step is to find a rental in Melbourne and then start looking for a new home.

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