Tuesday, March 17, 2020

ARNSW Home Brew group & Trash and Treasure meetings suspended due to COVID-19

Today I heard from Mark Blackmore and Peter O'Connell that physical meetings at Dural NSW of the Amateur Radio NSW Home Brew Group and the Trash and Treasure events are to be suspended. Mark suspects that this may be right up until September, but it depends on how things pan out.

This is very wise as the age profile of the attendees includes some people of an age that getting the novel coronavirus could be devastating.

I am recovering from a quite unpleasant bout of flu. As I wasn't eligible for a test I have no idea if it is the flu. The symptoms all line up - headache, sore throat, temperature, dry cough. For me, it wasn't serious enough to warrant a doctor and symptomatic medication was enough, although it was rough particularly at night. It's taken about ten days so far and I'm feeling better each day.

Social contact via Ham Radio seems like an excellent option at times like this. As Bill, N2CQR, points out in the latest edition of the Soldersmoke podcast there is no evidence, at this stage, that the virus can be transmitted via amateur radio, although there is some concern about 80m.

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