Monday, July 29, 2019

Slow scan activity on 20m

PSK31 activity used to be common on 20m but it has been killed off by FT8 in recent years. Stephen, VK2BLQ, tipped me off that there's quite a lot of SSTV activity on 14.230.

I'm using the Windows MMSSTV which seems capable but a little cryptic to operate. Here's how VK2BLQ looks at my place.

Here's how I reply back to him:

For some reason I can't get MMSSTV to automatically log received pictures (Update: I found the history images in C:\Ham\MMSSTV\History) but here's a few I've grabbed just this morning. ZL2CC:


VK6AAL (who, I might add, is a very entertaining SSTVer)


Catch you on 14.230 SSTV! Here's a few more.

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