Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Nice WSPR Watch review from a fine blog

My thanks to Bas over at the excellent PE4BAS ham radio weblog for his kind review of the recent updates to WSPR watch.

He seems surprised that there are free apps in the iOS app store but the reason, in this case, is that I wrote the app for my own use as I find the site isn't really mobile friendly and I like being able to quickly do a search to see how my station is performing.

Bas missed my favourite of the new features which is multi band handling with colour coding. It all looks very pretty.

If you use WSPR watch and haven't already, please leave a review as it helps other people find the app and also makes me feel happy. I'm also open to suggestions for new features but no guarantees on when I'll get to them.

There are a number of sites that scrape and add value in different ways: is a great service although it is sometimes very slow or even unresponsive. I'm sure all of us who scrape data from there wish there was an API we could use.


Spurred on by this attention, there have been some updates to WSPR Watch. You can now search the spots for a given callsign (or part) and the traces on the map fade over time.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

I noticed the multiband handling Peter. Although I couldn't make a screenshot myself since I spotted only one band. Sorry I didn't mention it. But people can at least see a screenshot at the appstore. 73, Bas

Peter Marks said...

Ha! Sorry Bas, I didn't mean to complain. You're right in that most people don't use more than one band. Yes, the screen shot on the store shows the colours. 73