Thursday, January 11, 2018

Vanlife: Needed some repairs

I paid AU$8k for the van. It's a 2000 Toyota Hiace that came with lots of useful things for camping including solar power, water, gas and comfy bed.

To my untrained eye it seemed to drive well but it did seem a little noisy. Other things I noticed were that the coolant light comes on for a while when first starting, the left headlight didn't work and the interior light is out.

Before heading off on a significant trip I took it to my local car servicing place and asked them to give it a good look over...

It turns out that the differential was on the way out and needed to be replaced. The rear bearings were also bad. I decided to go with four new tyres. All up, I've now spent almost AU$3k on an $8k purchase. The mechanic commented that other than these issues it seems in excellent condition considering its age and I'd rather spend the money now than find myself broken down somewhere remote.

The mechanic joked that it will be so quiet now I'll be able to sleep while I drive!

Slightly in shock at this expense but happy to be in #vanlife.

Update: More repairs

On the way home I noticed that the break pedal was very squishy and went almost to the floor. Thought it might just be some air after the fluid change but it was still bad in the morning so I went back. Another day in the repair shop and a new break master cylinder. They think that draining the break fluid triggered a leak. Anyway, another $500.

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