Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Peggy Glasser nee Marks has died

Sadly, my dear Aunt Peg died on Tuesday. She had a long career as a performer in radio plays mostly on ABC radio.

I saw her on Saturday and she was alert and very funny as always.

Here she is in an interview with Beverley Dunn.

Here she is in a radio play "East Lynne" episode 7, as always she played a young boy. (About 2:30 in s/he appears as Bobby).

I've just celebrated ten years as a commentator on ABC RN Breakfast. That's nothing compared to the length of Peggy's career. On Saturday we talked about the excitement of doing live radio.


Next Saturday at noon ABC Local Radio will air this tribute edited from the audio on DAB+ and streaming as part of Editor's Choice. Thanks James O'Brien for a lovely job.

My thanks to the wonderful National Film and Sound Archive who helped me find performances by Peg a few years ago. She was amazed that some had survived.


Series: 238366
Summary: The story of the Markham family set around family house ‘Four Winds’. The story centres around Gilbert Markham, his four children and his second wife, Anne.
Contributors: Madge Thomas (SCR), Broadcast Exchange of Australia (PDC), Grace Gibson Radio Productions (DSR), Athol Reilly (PDR).
Cast: Beverley Dunn, Mary Disney, Douglas Kelly, Carl Bleazby, Noel Ferrier, Peggy Marks. Label: BEA
Episode duration: 15 mins
Episodes produced: 520
Broadcast details: Broadcast nationally in Australia over the Major Network, and in New Zealand over the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation.
Notes: Sequel to ‘Stepmother’ and is followed by ‘The Markhams of Four Winds’.

Series: 238597
Summary: Adaptation of Mrs Henry Wood’s early Victorian novel of romance and intrigue. Contributors: Mrs Henry Wood (AUT), Marcus Clark, McDowell’s Ltd (SPO), George Matthews (PDR).
Cast: Queenie Ashton (Lady Isobel), Harvey Adams (Archibald Carlyle), Lola Kelly (Barbara Hare), Leonard Bennet (Lord Mount Severn), Ronald Morse (Francis Levison), Nellie Ferguson (Cornelia Carlyle), Margaret Johnson (Emily), Peggy Marks.
Label: BAP
Episode duration: 15 mins
Episodes produced: 52
Broadcast details: 1939- ; Sunday to Wednesday on 2HD at 8.45pm ; Monday and Wednesday on 2CH at 9.00pm
References: ‘Once upon a wireless’ oral history interview.



Series: 239090
Summary: Cheerful story which approaches the problems and pleasures of everyday life about the Grant family. Lavender Grove is a pleasant tree-lined street in a better-than-average suburb.
Contributors: Warren Glasser (PDR), Rae Clye (SCR).
Cast: John Bhore, Robert Peach, Peggy Marks, Mary Ward, Beverley Dunn, Monty Maizels, Bettine Kauffman.
Label: BEA
Episode duration: 15 mins
Episodes produced: 1452 (At least)
Broadcast details: 1955-1960 ; Major Network.
References: ‘Once upon a wireless’ oral history interview with Monty Maizels.
NFSA Holdings: Eps 15-40 (incomplete)



Series: 239427
Summary: Radio serial based on the children’s novel, Pollyanna. Contributors: John Hickling (SCR).
Cast: Ngaire Thompson, Peggy Marks.
Broadcast details: 3DB
References: ‘Once upon a wireless’ oral history interview.



Series: 239609
Contributors: Madge Thomas (SCR), Broadcast Exchange (PDC).
Cast: Beverley Dunn, Peggy Marks
Label: BEA
Episodes produced: 832
Broadcast details: 1940s-1950s
Notes: Final series in the Markham family saga. Other include ‘Stepmother’, ‘Delia of Four Winds’, ‘Markhams of Four Winds’, ‘Markhams’ and ‘His Heritage’.
References: ‘Once upon a wireless’ oral history interview.


Seems to be a program called "once upon a wireless"

And from:


Record No. - 271769
Peggy Marks (Glasser), radio drama actress, discusses her career in radio. Marks tells how she started in radio while still at school and won a part in the popular "Pollyanna". She recalls how she often won boys' parts and played Fatty in The Blytons. Marks talks about her involvement in many of her favourite shows including Lavender Grove, Simon Masterton and The Fakamagangees. (00:41:39)


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this a Peter. I really enjoyed hearing Peg recalling her radio days, and her boy voice was faultless. Cheers, Gavin

Robert Anile said...

Hi Peter.
Not sure if this will reach you but while googling I came across this wonderful montage that you put together for your wonderful Aunt Peggy.. Sadly it's the first time that I heard that Peggy had passed away. You're Aunt was always a delight to be around and we shared many memorable times out together on the balcony or around the back chortling together as smokers often do. She was an amazing woman and always made you feel happy and important.
I treasure the memories that I have of her.
Robert Anile