Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good value laptop for ham radio use - Lenovo X201

Recently there have been a constant stream of second hand Lenovo X201 laptops on ebay here. David Rowe mentioned when he visited that the X200 series is the last "good" Lenovo laptops from a technical Linux using perspective. Here's the one I picked up for $240 but they range from $200-$300.

I like these for the following reasons:

  • Solid build
  • Easy access to the hard drive - one screw and it pops out of the side.
  • Old style boot, not UEFI, so you can install old Windows
  • Fairly compact
  • Tolerant of high RF (My old MSI netbook goes a bit crazy when transmitting)
  • Decent CPU - i5 with quad core can keep up with DSP tasks
Mine came with a pretty dead battery so I paid another $40 to get a new 9 cell replacement. I had a 240GB SSD handy so I used a USB key with a gparted live linux system on it to dd copy the internal disk over to an external drive case and then swapped the drive. (These little bootable USB utilities are a very useful tool in the kit).

As you can see above, I'm dual booting Ubuntu for WSPR but also keeping Windows 7 around for the Windows only software I sometimes need to run.

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