Friday, November 07, 2014

New version of WSPR Watch for iOS is out

I've updated the iOS app WSPR Watch with support for iPad, iPhone 6 and 6+.

The program is simpler than before but I think more useful with a feature I've long wanted, a direct view of how long ago each of the spots were reported.

As always, it's free and all data is gratefully pulled from the legacy database page on

I'm happy to report that there are a couple of equivalents for Android, one from developer Derek G4SWY, who made WSPR World Watch, and another called WsprNetViewer by Joseph D. Glandorf with source code and it's in the Play store. Great work!

My own WSPR beacon station is on 20m running a vertical wire antenna on a 6m squid pole. It doesn't take much to reach around the globe.


KZ said...

I love your app for iOS. One request I would love to see is the ability to change the color of the rays depending on the frequency/band. So for example, I run WSPR on 20m and 17m, and I would like to see everyone that hears me at any frequency. Would like something like Blue rays for those who heard me on 20m and red for those on 17m, and other colors for ofther bands. Makes sense?
-Kevin KK4YEL

Peter Marks said...

That's a great idea Kevin. I'll see what I can do.

plunday said...

Peter, maybe it's obvious but what do the colors of the pins signify? I can't seem to grasp a's not age of spots, it's not sent versus received. Can you please share? Thanks.

Mark, WD4ELG

Peter Marks said...


it's supposed to be transmit or receive but I think I have a bug so it's not right. Thanks for prompting me.


Unknown said...

Peter this is great app. Not sure where to leave a bug report. Been using WSPR Watch on an iPad, just recently the app has stopped loading the background map image. I'm sure I have updated the app several times recently. Working just fine on my iPhone 6.

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Unknown. The current version (updated recently) is 3.1.0 (2). I've just tested on my iPad running iOS 12 and the map tiles are loading here. Can you give me some more information about your device?