Saturday, July 20, 2013

So long slide night

Do you remember the tradition of meeting up with friends or family, a few weeks after they'd returned from an overseas trip, to view a (hopefully edited) selection of their photos.

Those days have ended.

During our trip away, friends and family have seen photos hour by hour via photo sharing on Instagram and Facebook. It's made the trip have a different feel to "getting away" in past years. Everywhere we stayed has WiFi to the internet and between the four of us we brought a lot of computer gear: 4 smartphones, three tablets and two laptops in all.

To charge all this I brought a power board from home and a single international plug adapter so the normal chargers could be used. (This is a great idea from John O'Brien).

One place we stayed had WiFi internet provided by a little Huawei e586 device which unfortunately can handle only five connections.

I'm not sure if it was the fault of the e586 or the way iOS devices give up their WiFi connections but we had real problems finding a slot and I ended up paying for BT Wifi for a few days. I do not recommend a five connection device for a household.

Presumably triggered by the record high Australian dollar a few months ago, I've been following several friends who are also out of the country at the moment - cheers to fellow travellers Ben, Tony and Marc - it's been fun following your adventures too this month.

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