Sunday, May 26, 2013

Melbourne meetup with homebrew legend VK3YE

While in Melbourne for the fabulous "One More Thing" conference this weekend I had the pleasure of breakfast with ham radio home brew legend Peter Parker, VK3YE.

Gracious with his time, Peter brought along a number of recent projects including the famous "Beach 40" and a new fixed frequency SSB transceiver he dubbed the "knobless wonder" that has been recently completed.

Peter works in the public transport industry, (may I say how impressed I am with the Melbourne MyKi system), his knowledge of the network is impressive.

We talked of many things including cross-overs between amateur radio and public transport including Tony Sanderson, VK3AML, and the videos made by Dave VK3ASE of the Glenhuntly station crossing.

Peter is a self-taught radio electronics engineer who is performing a great service to all would-be home brew designers.

Here's some previews of the "Knobless Wonder":

Nice crystal filter array there.

Here's the popular Beach 40:

Thanks Peter for your time and generousity. Keep up the great work!


Thanks to Bill of Soldersmoke for the mention.

Good news: Peter has updated the Knobless Wonder circuit and published a video here:

The circuit is here.

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