Saturday, March 30, 2013

Raspberri Pi as a WSPR beacon

I've been trying out the threeme3/WsprryPi source that cleverly turns a Raspberry Pi into a little WSPR beacon. It really works! Here's my in-house big power transmitting station:

Here's the command line I used to transmit, pause twice, and transmit:

So, note that the arguments to ./wspr are call locator dBm freq freq freq...

To pause you put a zero for a frequency. And here's how it looks on a local WSPR receiver:

While there is some spurious signals there, it's basically quite stable and on time (that last one ended early because I killed it).

Mine was 1.4KHz below frequency and to get it close to 14,097100 (mid wspr band) I had to tell it to transmit on 14,095700.

Later when band conditions improve I'll connect it to an antenna and see how we go.

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Anonymous said...

I did it with my Pi.
A simple 5 el LPF to a inverted V
up 25 feet on 14 MHz. Amazing 10 milliWatts heard in Alaska and east coast.

Going to try 10 meters next.

73 jim wb6qzl