Sunday, December 30, 2012

Homebrew hangout

I've just participated in a Google hangout with a buch of homebrewers around the globe using Google's amazing Hangout video conferencing. Thanks Jason Mildrum, NT7S, for organising it.

Participants were on Linux, Windows, MacOS and iOS. There is a bit of confusion caused by Google's display of the time of the hangout in the zone of the organiser so for me it kind of looked like I'd missed it.

It seems like there is a limit of ten video participants but we think you can have ten sending video but many more if they are just viewers. More experimentation is needed.

The only other issue was echo from people who had their sound on a local speaker, we think that is due to the latency inherent in a global conference call. I think headphones are a must.

It was great to meet everyone and talk about projects. We discussed Antennas, arduinos, Raspberry Pi, making PCBs with a CNC, Beach 40, and got a tour of a station.

Thanks to Jason for organising this, can't wait for the next one.

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