Saturday, July 14, 2012

Australia Network iPhone app

If you have an iPhone and are interested in all things Australian, including news, sport, learning English and Radio Australia then you might be interested in the second app I have in the iTunes store called AustNetwork.

While I wrote the code this is very much a team effort including a project manager and graphic designer. One key thing I learned from the "One more thing" conference was that most apps require a team effort between a designer and a programmer.

Climbing the iOS programming learning curve has been a great pleasure and I look forward to more apps in the future. If you have an iPhone please click to install the app (or search for Australia Network in the store), and of course I'd appreciate ratings and reviews.


Paul Anslow said...

Looks good, Peter. Have you thought of writing apps for Android?

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Paul,

I did have a play with Android when it first came out. I have a tablet which is good for surfing the web but it's probably more than my tiny mind can cope with to learn one set of APIs, let alone two!

Best wishes,