Monday, June 11, 2012

iPhone app to watch your WSPR spots

If you use the WSPR propagation beacon system and frequently visit to see who is reporting your signal, I'm pleased to announce that there is a simple alternative if you have an iPhone, WSPR watch.

It's a free app and it's my first app to be accepted in to the store.

WSPR watch pulls it's data from the old database page on but focuses in on people who can hear you and who you can hear. It plots the location of stations on a map and can show you all the available info on a spot if you tap it.

I hope you'll download it, send me feedback and feature ideas, and even rate it. There is a much more complex app by me, not ham radio related and for a commercial client, coming soon and going through the process of getting an app in the store has been very interesting.

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