Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kodak Zi8 pocket HD video camera to watch out for

Dave, VK3ASE, tipped me off to this one. There's a, now obsolete, video camera from Kodak (soon to be obsolete too), called the Zi8. It has two things I look for - high quality video and an audio input port. Here's some test footage, but I recommend you go to YouTube and switch to HD to watch it here.

Highlights are burnt out and it really needs a tripod to get good quality. It's much better than my existing Canon video camera and very compact.

Here is an example of the 15cm close up mode:

Incidentally, I'm selling this IC718 on ebay at the moment.

I paid a little over $80 for the Zi8, they're a bit hard to find but they are out there.

Here's a picture from Kodak's site.

Native recording format is .MOV containing H.264 video with AAC Audio so it's perfect for my uses and uploading to YouTube.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi Peter, I watched the videos both on HD. Incredible quality. I should have one the the future. It's so much better as my old JVC camera. 73, Bas

Peter Marks said...

Yes Bas, and I continue to be impressed a few weeks in. Like any camera, the quality of results is vastly improved by using a tripod or monopod.

I think that as cameras get smaller and lighter the hand shake gets worse.