Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ericsson phone catalog

Rob, VK2ZNZ, showed me a marvellous catalog of old Ericsson telephone handsets. These are drawings but many look photo-realistic and show great skill by the artists.

Ericsson Type AC 110 "Magneto table telephone"

Ericsson Type AC 210 "Magneto table telephone"

Ericsson Type AB 140-145 "Magneto wall telephone"

Ericsson Type AC 130-140 "Magneto table telephones"

Ericsson Type AC 1000 "Extension table telephone without generator or bell"

Ericsson Type BC 1300-1301

Ericsson Type BC 2050 "Battery ringing table telephone"

Ericsson Type CL 510

Ericsson Type AC 100

Rob has some of these phones and you can truly say they were built to last. I called him on skype and he answered on a magneto table telephone.

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