Monday, March 08, 2010

WSPR 2.0 build on Mac ports Snow Leopard 64bit

I've finally been able to build and run WSPR on Snow Leopard on top of the Mac Ports platform.

full wspr.png

At this stage it involved some manual modification of the ./configure generated Makefile.

The "show stoppers" for me were:

portaudio as built with mac ports exits on an assert about integer size. To overcome this I downloaded the latest trunk and built that.

Then used:

./configure \
--with-portaudio-include-dir=/usr/local/include \

Then during linking of wspr I got "/usr/bin/libtool: can't locate file for: -lfftw3f"

The fix for this was to change the Makefile to include /opt/local/lib as follows:

LDFLAGS = -L/opt/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib

I don't know much about mac ports but I'd love to get WSPR in there. Can anyone mentor me on that project?

Thanks to Ross, T61AA for assistance and prodding to get this far, and to John who helped him.

WSPR sure is popular these days:

busy wspr.png

And thanks to Joe Taylor K1JT for coming up with this amazing software.


Seems rock solid on the Mac. WSPR has been running day and night. Not many spots on 80m last night but 40m is looking really good tonight.

Screen shot 2010-03-09 at 7.52.46 PM.png

I'm learning about Macports but still haven't quite got to my objective.


Rogier said...

I am very interested in a OSX solution to run WSPR.
Can you please tell me more about where and how to get this app?


Peter Marks said...

Hi Rogier,

Unfortunately it's not as simple as distributing a bundled application due to the external libraries which it depends on.

The build instructions are in the article but if you are not familiar with compiling things it's a bit of a learning curve.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Robin said...


Firstly a big thanks for giving us Mac users some hope of running WSPR. VMWare and Win7 just isn't cutting it for me on this front right now, and a native Mac version was a dream not that long ago.

I followed the steps you laid out in the first post in December, and got past the variable naming issues with, and everything else installed OK (although it took ages to build all the packages and components).

However when I follow the next steps you lay out in this post I run aground. I've downloaded the WSPR branch and when I try and run ./configure I get the following message:

"This program needs portaudio v19 to compile."

I think MacPorts is up to date as well, and I thought the port for portaudio was already v19? You mentioned you needed the latest trunk, but I'm not sure of what trunk you were referring to - portaudio, MacPorts or WSPR?

Any hints for the myopic amongst us to get past the last few steps :-)


Robin G7VKQ

Peter Marks said...

Hi Robin,

sorry if I wasn't clear. I needed trunk of portaudio so it would build 64 bit. Last time I checked the port of portaudio hadn't been updated.

Thanks for writing in.


Robin said...

Ok not got that far with portaudio problems yet :-) - but good to know.

What tripped me up is that the two posts have slightly different ./configure commands. Your first post referenced /opt/local/lib & /opt/local/include; the second post uses /usr/local/lib & /usr/local/include). My portaudio files went into /opt/local/ - but i was trying to include /usr/local files. Duh!

So now I can now create a WSPR makefile; however when I run' make' I get an error generated:

"File "/usr/local/bin/f2py", line 4, in
File "/Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/f2py2e/", line 677, in main
File "/Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/f2py2e/", line 536, in run_compile
import scipy_distutils.fcompiler
ImportError: No module named scipy_distutils.fcompiler
make: *** [WsprMod/] Error 1"

Any ideas Peter? In installing f2py maybe there's some knack to getting this "scipy_distutils.fcompiler" module generated? I edited the by hand after running the pip command...but maybe there's something else I then need to do to install f2py fully?


Jeffrey M. Swiger ( N8NOE ) said...

Any Chance Someone Making a Package out of all the Installed Stuff?.. I Had done it using ARD in the Past, But would make a GREAT Offering to the OSX-Mac Hams out here..

Anonymous said...

I am interested in WSPR for MAC as well

Anonymous said...

Ted it looks like there is a pre-built version available here.

I haven't tried it myself and I read it may have a memory leak but it's worth a try.