Thursday, June 04, 2009

Digital radio delayed in Sydney

Picture 1.pngAccording to the Digital Radio Plus website I notice that the launch in Sydney has slipped to June 10 "due to weather".

Having said that there are 17 channels showing up on my receiver although many are silent or just test recordings.

The station I'm most looking forward to is ABC Radio National. Here in Sydney we only get it on AM, while places like Coffs Harbour get it on FM, I'd love to get RN in high fidelity and if possible stereo.

Personally, I think stereo would be a great asset even on a primarily talk station, the guests could be arranged on the sound stage to good effect.

Unfortunately there are rumours about that not only will RN be mono but that the bit rate might be disappointing. Surely this can't be true?


Tony Stevenson said...

Where can I get Ears 2.0 to go with this new fangled digitoll wireless? Can you get any of these wireless sets in Bakelite or are they all that in that nasty plastic? Will Bob Dwyer be broadcasting on these new sets? I shall have to wait until the sets are more affordable - just a matter of time.

Peter Marks said...

Amusingly there are some "retro" case designs for digital radios.

Yes, if you can hold your enthusiasm I'd wait for radios with better displays and some of the new capabilities like pause and record.

Anonymous said...

Digital radio is a farce!

Peter Marks said...

Well, happily we don't have HD radio in the rest of the world.

When will the Americans join the rest of the world?